Global Advisory Board

Successful entrepreneurs and professional CEOs have a network of people helping them to operate as effective leaders.

Larger companies have a board that includes independent Non-Executive Directors. The board holds the management to account and provides mentoring and critical advice to the CEO and Leadership Team.

The owners and leaders of SMEs however, often lack this structure. They lack the opportunity to reach out to the wisdom of experienced directors, and they lack accountability for their performance and decision-making.

Lead Your Industry helps fill this gap by establishing an Advisory Board to help clients stay focused on the most important issues.

An Advisory Board helps our clients make the right decisions at the right time. We work with the directors, CEO and Leadership team assisting them with objectivity and insight - developing their skills and judgement, ensuring they provide effective leadership to the management team.

Global Advisory Board 
Our Global Advisory Board program is designed to serve leaders of medium to large businesses typically with turnover between $5-$50m who are committed to expand internationally and Lead their Industry.
Establishing your company’s Global Advisory Board will provide you and your Leadership team exponential leverage by:

  • Provide a sounding board where directors can explore challenging issues and opportunities with independent, experienced advisers
  • Ensure your business has a well thought through strategy and execution methodology that is appropriately resourced.
  • Provide a governance structure and ‘accountability’ for you and the Leadership team
  • Provide access to qualified networks and resources
  • Bring new thinking to the organisation
  • Assist with mentoring and the personal development of the Leadership Team.

The program includes:

  • A structured 10-step strategy framework focused solely on your business.
  • Advisory board members with vast experience in strategy, innovation and the key ingredient – execution.
  • Additional access to an unlimited network of global experts when you need them.
  • The latest online meeting you and your advisors can attend from anywhere -with agreed actions tracked and monitored.

Your Global Advisory Board will consist initially of Anthony Moss from Lead Your Industry and Craig Rispin from the Future Trends Group Having had careers at CEO and director level Anthony and Craig have been advising business leaders for over 20 years, have numerous client success stories and combined have worked in over 100 industries. 

Read this article in 'Company Director' (click here) about Street Furnture – a great aussie innovation success story.

We recently engaged the Global Online Advisory Board and have already felt the positive impact of our Boards experience. To our benefit, we have been challenged on redundant strategies and our focus has been shifted to possibilities we hadn’t necessarily considered. The board start up process has made assessing our business a priority. As a result we have completed valuable client surveys, employee engagement reviews and committed resources to our own financial modeling. Our Board has us asking the right questions.
Jasmin Romic
Managing Director


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