Leveraging collective intelligence for strategic planning and organizational development

Lead Your Industry Pty Ltd utilises the GroupMind cloud based tool with all client engagements. Customised to the Lead Your Industry process the GroupMind platform and tools ensures all communication, processes, collective intelligence and content generated is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and visible to all engaged in the project. Implementation tracking, traffic light reporting and email prompts drive action planning and KPI tracking maximising engagement and measureable results.

Your team’s collective intelligence is greater than the sum of its parts; help them align with strategic planning and organizational development tools from GroupMind™. Strategic planning, change management, and organizational development processes benefit from experienced consultants with software that leverages collective intelligence. GroupMind tools and processes make effective meetings, decisions, planning, organizational assessments, change and crowd- accelerated learning.

Strategic Planning and GroupMind

Today’s business leaders can’t afford to move on a new idea or action plan without the creative collaboration of everyone responsible for executing the plan. “Change succeeds best when executives take steps to ensure the buy-in of their whole team.” Leaders need new ways to rapidly garner honest feedback from team members, from interdependent teams, and from suppliers and customers so they can find out “if the emperor is wearing no clothes,” thus avoiding costly mistakes.

All of this must be accomplished very quickly, within narrow time constraints. Challenging in the best of circumstances, these tasks are much more difficult to achieve when teams are geographically dispersed. To address these challenges, we at GroupMind Solutions have developed a powerful set of online tools and best practices that can be used to unite teams across distance, time, and culture in a common virtual environment. Within this virtual workplace, our consulting practice and collaboration software help leaders unify teams into a cohesive whole by harnessing the power of the group’s collective wisdom, or group mind. This hidden resource exists within every organization, regardless of size, location, or structure. Successful collaboration depends on a company’s ability to tap the group mind which is a hidden resource that exists within every organization, regardless of size, location, or structure.

When we talk about the group mind, we are referring to the expansive pool of ideas that becomes available when a group of people commingle their ideas, questions, perspectives, knowledge and experience in relation to a specific goal or issue. The group mind represents the sum total of everyone’s positions and concerns. Accessing the group mind gives people the ability to instantly see everyone’s ideas in a contextual framework that supports specific results. All suggestions, comments, votes and survey responses are reported equally and anonymously. When structured to further a company’s strategic goals, this rich pool of data forms the basis of meaningful conversations that lead to improved results.

When members of a team are given the opportunity to actively influence the thinking of the group as a whole, they gain a unique sense of belonging. Contributing to the group mind engenders feelings of trust, empowerment, and inclusion, and creates a context for the expression of innovative ideas. Harnessing the cumulative wisdom that results is pivotal to achieving strategic alignment and attaining goals, for both co-located and dispersed teams.


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