Strategy Resources

Use this range of strategy resources that we have found useful:


Jim Collins
Author or coauthor of 'Good to Great', 'Built to Last',  'How the Mighty Fall' and  'Great by Choice'

Blue Ocean Strategy
In their influential work on business management, Blue Ocean Strategy, Kim and Mauborgne put forth the theory that in order for an organization to successfully implement strategic initiatives, it must do so by following the three E principles of fair process – engagement, explanation, and clarity of expectation
Tom Peters
"If you want to serve the customer with uniform Excellence, then you must FIRST effectively and faithfully serve those who serve the customer—i.e., your employees, via maximizing tools and professional development.” — tom peters

Business Model Canvas
An online course that will teach you how to build Business Models that work, and Value Propositions that sell.


  The Right Strategy Can Transform Your Business  
Your business strategy is effectively your business compass –it provides the guide to the management team to ensure the ‘trimming of the sails’ keeps your business on course and not just following the wind.

Develop Your Export Strategy
"Developing business in overseas markets can be a significantly rewarding exercise-particularly for medium and small sized businesses"

Jim Collins
Author or coauthor of 'Good to Great', 'Built to Last',  'How the Mighty Fall' and  'Great by Choice'


Gary Hamel: What Matter Now:
How to win in a world of relentless change, ferocious competition, and unstoppable innovation

Richard Rumelt: Good Strategy – Bad Strategy
The Difference and Why it Matters was chosen as one of six finalists for the Financial Times & Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year award for 2011.


Winning at the export game


How to Develop an Advisory Board

How to Expand into International Markets

Develop a Strategic Plan & Drive Performance

Anthony Moss: 5 Questions that will unlock your businesses potential - 1 of 4

Anthony Moss - 2 of 4

Anthony Moss - 3 of 4

Anthony Moss - 4 of 4

Simon Sinek: Start with Why?

Michael Porter: The Five Competitive  Forces that Shape Strategy


Steve Jobs: Stanford Commencement Speech 2005


Gary Hamel: Leaders Everywhere