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The Federal Government have announced the replacement of the Enterprise Connect Program. The new program is now called the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program; despite the new name it appears to be very similar to the ‘old’ program and thats great for business!

There are two components of the new program- a free “Business Evaluation” (business review) and “Business Growth Grants” -up to $20k of matched funding to engage external resources to help implement recommendations from the Business Evaluation.

A key challenge for business owners and management teams is the myopia of believing your own press. Typically only when something catastrophic hits our business like a major client leaving –or a severe hit to profitability do we take the time to seek independent assistance. And yet maintaining an objective –unemotional perspective about the true position of our business and its prospects –is essential for all business owners –particularly if there are no independent directors.

So if your business is eligible here is an ideal opportunity to receive a free – independent analysis of your business –specifically focusing on:

  • Strategic Business Issues
  • Potential pathways for growth
  • Business Improvement issues and
  • Relative strengths and weaknesses.

Plus once the Business Evaluation is complete –under the terms of the Business Growth Grant program you may be eligible to matching funding up to a maximum of $20k to engage external assistance to address issues raised in the evaluation.

Businesses in the following industry sectors may be eligible providing they meet the full criteria:

  • Defence Industry;
  • Energy, Water and Waste Management;
  • Freight and Logistics;
  • Infrastructure related Construction;
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT);
  • Manufacturing or Manufacturing-Related Services;
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical;
  • Professional Services;
  • Resources Technology;
  • Creative Industries;
  • Tourism; or
  • Remote Australia

For full details on the new Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program with details of how to apply see here

And of course if your Business Evaluation includes a recommendation for you to review your Business Model or develop a new 3 Year Strategic plan – Lead Your Industry Pty Ltd would welcome the opportunity to assist, contact us.

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