We host CEO lunches and forums to access the Collective Intelligence of peers, subject matter experts and leading Entrepreneurs

By Invitation CEO Luncheons

CEO luncheons occur at least bi-monthly in Sydney and consist of a 2 hour luncheon with up to 16 CEOs to ensure maximum engagement. At each Luncheon a guest CEO will share their unique journey or a member of our faculty of experts will present a stimulating topic. After lunch and a brief presentation Anthony Moss facilitates a board room discussion amongst attendees.

The objective of the Luncheons is to provide a short stimulating environment where CEOs can explore new thinking and skills and share their unique experience with peers

CEO Forums

Forums are typically held twice a year. The objective of the Forums is the same as the lunches, the difference being that the Forums have much larger attendance with around 40-60 people attending.

If you are the CEO of a high-growth private company or leader of a division within a larger enterprise and you would like to attend please contact us below.

An Invitation

Contact us if you are the CEO of a high growth mid-size organisation and interested in attending either a CEO Luncheon or Forum.

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