We work with Boards and CEOs who are trying to find a better way

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Our clients are the Boards, CEOs and Leadership Teams of businesses on the transformational journey to Leading their Industry.

These organisations are less defined by their size than their zeal to transform the performance of their business and their commitment to making it happen.

Lead Your Industry also works with the boards of Associations that seek to develop new horizons for their organisation.

Industry Leadership or Fighting for Position

Which position have you chosen?

CEOs of private companies have numerous challenges to address navigating their business from one stage of growth to the next.
The graphic below highlights the various key stages of business growth and the common characteristics of each stage. Clients that seek out Lead Your Industry are typically found in stages 2, 3 and 4.

Read more about navigating the various key stages of business growth.

Business Growth

Our clients seek independent assistance to:

  • Clarify their purpose and build a clear vision that inspires stakeholders.
  • Explore the potential of their business from a new perspective.
  • Build the “Right Strategy” that melds their risk appetite, purpose and potential.
  • Update their business model to responding to changing customer perceptions of value.
  • Establish an implementation plan that identifies resources and skills required.
  • Ensure the leadership team are measuring and managing the ‘right-things.’

Our process is most effective with clients who:

  • Want to make an impact and their industry Lead their Industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Are open to explore new perspectives about their business.
  • Committed to allocate resources to support change initiatives.
  • Willing to lead change initiatives from the front.
  • See value in an accountability framework for the CEO, directors and Leadership team.

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