Our clients experience
with Lead Your Industry.

‘The focus has been on strategy, business development and performance…’

What’s been great for me is that Lead Your Industry advice has allowed me to transform my role from a part time manager to a full time CEO.

Andrew Halmarick Andrew Halmarick Managing Director

‘Anthony provided me with a genuine sounding board’

Not only has this been a fantastic program for us as a partner group, Anthony provided me with a genuine sounding board,
which was highly beneficial for me as managing partner of the firm. I truly thank him for that.

Radlee Moller Radlee Moller Managing Partner

‘They worked with us to develop a focused 3 year strategy’

Lead Your Industry has worked closely with us to develop a focused 3 year strategy which involved rebranding our company and restructuring to ensure we meet our strategic objectives. It has been a pleasure to work with Lead Your Industry and I look forward to working together again soon on our next growth phase of the business.

Rory Kennard Rory Kennard CEO

‘His incisive view on running a business…’

Anthony has been advising our company for several months and the change that he is facilitating is showing benefits already. His incisive view on running a business is for me the most important attribute.

Brett Heil Brett Heil Founder

‘We are now all operating with a clear direction’

The process was most engaging, at the senior level, the buy-in has been most appreciated. Thanks to Lead your Industry we are now all operating with a clear direction to achieve the identified strategic goals.

Bill Morrison Bill Morrison Managing Director

‘They have been instrumental in transforming our business.’

We have been working with Lead Your Industry for over 4 years. They have provided mainly strategic advice, as well as building strategy for export. Our export activity is now out-performing domestic business, and is growing at a rate of 30% per year. Currently Anthony Moss sits on our advisory board where he continues to help fine tune and scale our business.

Anthony Green Anthony Green Owner & Co-Founder

‘We are excited for the future’

Lead Your Industry has helped us to improve and refine our strategic plan at an executive level and has helped our leaders and managers filter it down to their teams. They also assisted us to convene an advisory board that holds us accountable and to date has provided invaluable advice. Anthony is caring and invested in our world and accessible to us when we need him. Its a refreshing change from consultants that given their opinion and leave you to implement on your own.

Jacky Magid Jacky Magid Director

‘Lead Your Industry keeps our management team on track’

Lead Your Industry has provided valuable direction and helped align my business objectives to a 3 year strategic plan. Anthony is always on the ball and keeps our Management team on track through regular meetings and bite size tasks. It’s been a pleasure to have Anthony as part of our team and I would recommend his services to anybody looking to grow their business by following a plan.

Damian Higgins Damian Higgins Managing Director

‘I highly recommend you get to know what Lead Your Industry can do for you’

Having been in business for 26 years, quality.com.au realises the power of a mentor, a skilled leadership team and an expert advisory board has never been more important than it is today. Anthony and the team enables us to lead our industry through disruption and laser focused business development strategy.

John Mason John Mason Managing Director

‘Anthony helps ensure that I stay focussed’

Anthony has worked closely with me on developing and refining the business strategy at NetCare. Since 2005, he has been the key member of my Advisory Board and helps ensure that I stay focussed on the agreed business objectives.

Darryl McAllister Darryl McAllister Managing Director

‘We’ve set some clear goals moving out of the pandemic’

An effective hands on workshop with my team to get great ideas and set some clear goals moving out of the pandemic. It’s incredible what the right space with the right questions can bring. I like your insightful and gentle leadership style. You’re a very good chair for these workshops. I never come away disappointed. We had a team debrief afterwards and they’re all very motivated to execute

Erica Westbury Erica Westbury Managing Director

‘Anthony Moss is up there with the best’

I have had several business mentors in the past and Anthony Moss is up there with the best. He knows his stuff. When it comes to business and has a passion for good business and for those who are genuinely trying to grow their business and become industry leaders

John Grima John Grima Managing Director

‘I left the workshop ready to execute our actions’

I found the 1/2 day workshop a great conversation starter with my Senior Leadership Team. The topics were thought provoking and inspiring. I left the workshop feeling motivated, and ready to execute our actions from the session

Richard Whitehead Richard Whitehead Group Managing Director

‘Results focussed’

An interesting, engaging and results focussed workshop.

Blair Saddington Blair Saddington General Manager

‘Practical steps to follow in executing a transformation plan’

I found the business transformation workshop insightful as it provided practical steps to follow in executing a transformation plan successfully. I would highly recommend the workshop if your business is going through a phase of change.

Carla Balanco Carla Balanco CFO, DroneShield Limited

‘A great use of our day’

Lead Your Industry, provides well thought out, logical and pragmatic advice for business owners and senior management seeking to improve their business.

The presentation was both interactive and informative and a great use of our day.

John Salerno John Salerno Managing Director

‘Highly relevant’

I found both the content and style of the workshop to be highly relevant and useful.

Michael Sylvester Michael Sylvester CEO

‘Thought provoking and provided valuable ideas’

I really appreciated the opportunity to spend the day going through a condensed version of Lead Your Industry’s strategic business strategies. The discussions were thought provoking and provided valuable ideas that could be taken back and put into action. It was good to spend the day looking at the business in a strategic way. It’s important but often hard to put into practice when working so hard in the business day to day.

Nick Watson Nick Watson General Manager

‘Your business will benefit’

The Lead Your Industry workshop will bring you up to date on current tools and techniques for identifying, capturing, monitoring and reporting on opportunities for improvement in efficiencies and growth. Taking the ‘time out’ from the business and looking strategically at the business was vital. These workshops assisted us in doing this more regularly.

Todd Williams Todd Williams Director

‘A very informative and provocative presentation’

Our company is a family operated SME with a 40 year history in the market in AU. This workshop has come at a valuable time where we were already looking into way to transform our company into a more structured framework to facilitate growth. Many thanks to Anthony and his team for a very informative and provocative presentation. I enjoyed the engagement and concepts that were discussed and found them very valuable.

David Benchoam David Benchoam General Manager

‘Fantastic and invaluable’

Having a day where you can: hear about the current realities of preparing for, and then entering the Defence Global Supply Chain was fantastic and invaluable. We learned about the ongoing effort required to maintain momentum. We gained an understanding of new tools and methodologies that help develop a carefully balanced business strategy and gained an understanding of what state and federal support may be available to us.

Matthew Hill Matthew Hill Director

‘Elevated our thinking’

Anthony has challenged our thinking and added valuable insights throughout the process helping up to elevate our thinking about what value, we can add and how we can improve our operations.

Katharine Carty Katharine Carty Public Affairs, NSW Chapter

‘Brings it all together into a clear, positive and easily executable plan’

Anthony has been instrumental in the direction of The Sydney Hills Business Chamber since early 2012 heading up a series of strategic planning sessions for the operations team and the Board. Anthony’s ability to encourage input, inspiration and participation from attendees and then bring it all together into a clear, positive and easily executable plan is outstanding. If you want to get your organisation on track for success than Anthony is the man to help you do it.

Tony Eades Tony Eades Brand Futurist

‘A must attend’

Anthonys workshops are a must attend if you are either developing a strategic plan or you would like to get ideas on opportunities to improve your current strategic plan.

Frank Harrington Frank Harrington Sales & Marketing Manager

“An integral part of our success’

Anthony has provided thorough advice and direction to elevate us to a well functioning and profitable business. After 8 years in business, and 2 years working with Anthony, my business will grow over 100% this year most largely due to the advice he has provided. Through his guidance we have improved our systems, reporting, and office communication. Anthony is a delight to chat with, manages to remember almost as much about my business as I do, and is an integral part of our success!

Tania Brocker Tania Brocker Chief Marketing Strategist

‘Adept at doing business across all manner of countries’

Anthony is remarkably adept at doing business effectively across all manner of countries, cultures and industries. Anthony has helped us to grow our business and to build enduring partnerships with other industry leaders.

Pete Cole Pete Cole President

‘Very focused on what we wanted to achieve’

We are a commercially focussed employment lawyer, providing specialist industrial relations legal advice to businesses. Anthony has given advice to our business over the past 2 years. I have found him to be very focused on what we wanted to achieve as opposed to what he thought we should be doing. His advice is clear, concise , practical and above all strategic.

I would recommend Anthony to anyone who is look for help is growing and developing a business.

Andrew Bland Andrew Bland Principal

‘Real drive and energy…’

Anthony has continually demonstrated a real drive and energy in developing programs and methods to assist businesses, particularly those involved in trade, and we have worked on joint projects in this area.

Peter Mace Peter Mace General Manager

Real stuff, no fluff and all in plain simple English

Anthony was thorough in taking the group through the formulation of a Business plan for a diverse range of industries and services. Very articulate, friendly, practical advice and worked through live issues and live situations within the group. Real stuff, no fluff and all in plain simple English.

Sudhakar Rao Sudhakar Rao Managing Director

‘Worked closely with us in developing the UK market’

Anthony has worked closely with us in developing the UK market for these brands. His contacts in the US and in Europe have helped to maximise these opportunities.

Mike Bray Mike Bray Managing Director