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Conquer the Mountain

The ‘Conquer the Mountain’ sign at the Mount Panorama racetrack was a fitting metaphor for the retreat in Bathurst last week for the CEO Peer to Peer Advisory Group that I chair. We spent a two-day adventure working, sharing, learning being challenged and of course having fun.

This trip reminded us all of the need to get away, to re-energise. But when you can get away with people who understand your business and are vested in your success, who are curious, motivated, open to learn from their peers, that’s when magic happens. New perspectives are formed and old paradigms that are no longer relevant can be challenged in a safe and confidential environment. For the CEO wrestling with decisions where there are multiple valid responses – having your team of experienced peers reflecting on your options but without your emotional attachment, or for that matter your bias – is liberating.

The CEOs mindset has a massive impact on the team and ultimately the business performance of a private company. The objective thinking and learning gained from joining a Peer-to-Peer Advisory Board group can be tremendous support for the CEO. (If you would like to consider joining a CEO Group that I chair please reach out to me directly )

When the time is right and the business is of the right scale, the next step is to form an exclusive Advisory Board just for your company. This is a professional, commercially focused body, it’s your team of experts, dedicated to your own and your company’s success.

If you’re unsure of what an Advisory Board is and how it can help your business, then please attend my complimentary 50-minute webinar which will help you decide if an Advisory Board can be the game-changer you seek.

Please register here and if you can’t attend on the day a recording will be sent.

And finally, if you would like to receive a copy of my White paper about the transformative power of an Advisory Board available early December, and to be notified when my book will be issued (early 2021) please send me a note directly.

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