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Strategy 2019 – Your Advisory Board?

Leaders of private companies can benefit significantly from external ‘leverage’ in order to springboard to their next level of growth.

When public companies are developing their expansion strategies, they have the benefit of the corporate board governance model to access the industry expertise, knowledge, wise counsel, international connections to formulate effective strategies, execution plans and to monitor performance along the way.

Private businesses committed to expansion, be it nationally or internationally, don’t share this structure and often face the dilemma of where to get the right advice and how to go about it. If you have experienced this dilemma yourself, you are not alone. Without a corporate board governance model CEOs often struggle to find the right advice from the right people when the business really needs it. Establishing an Advisory Board can fill this knowledge gap, providing many of the benefits of a ‘corporate board’ without the elements that private business owners may see as ‘constraints.’

Imagine your own Advisory Board consisting of members with the right industry or global commercial experience, available to meet when you need them, coupled with the flexibility to re-configure your team of advisors when necessary.

An Advisory Board is not for the faint-hearted. It is only relevant for business leaders ready to embrace growth, who are willing to acknowledge what they don’t know, and are open to learn from experts, are willing to be held accountable and are ready to apply resources to make it happen.

The ideal solution – global expansion with the right advice for strategy, innovation and execution.

Lead Your Industry’s new ‘Global Advisory Board’ program provides a uniquely tailored, structured approach for medium to large private businesses seekingto expand, to make a mark in their industry globally with a well-designed growth strategy and execution plan in place and sound advice throughout the process.

The Global Advisory Board service is lead by Anthony Moss from Lead Your Industry and Craig Rispin from the Future Trends Group. Both have advised business leaders for over 20 years in a diverse range of industries. When needed, clients also have the potential to access to an unlimited range of industry experts around the globe. So they can tap into the right knowledge and practical advice they need. Of course, to act globally you need to think globally. Our program uses the latest online meeting technology, allowing multiple stakeholders to meet in multiple locations all around the globe without the limitations of location.

What are the benefits of the Global Advisory Board program for my business?

Unlike peer to peer advisory groups your Global Advisory Board is tailored to suit the specific dynamics and needs of your business and is structured to evolve as your business expands.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with the program:

  • Access to advisory board members with many years of practical experience in strategy innovation and execution.
  • Ensure your business has a well thought through strategy and execution methodology that is appropriately resourced
  • Receive fresh perspective and innovative new thinking to your organisation
  • Mentoring for you and or your leadership Team
  • Implement a governance structure and ‘accountability’ for you and your leadership team
  • Receive access to qualified networks and resources around the world

Is the Global Advisory Board the right solution for my business?

This program is right for you if most of the following statements apply to your business and your aspirations.

  • You seek to be a bold leader in your industry?
  • You’re prepared to acknowledge your limitations, accept accountability and willing to receive constructive feedback on your existing ideas?
  • Your turnover is in the region of $5 – $50 million per annum;
  • You are motivated to expand internationally;
  • You’re willing to take on a ‘growth mindset’, to be open to new ideas from industry experts.
  • If you agree with most of these statements, then the Global Advisory Board program is the perfect fit for your business and will provide you with the help and advice you need to expand your business globally.

To explore how your own Global Advisory Board can provide the strategic leverage you need in 2019 email Jenny at to organise a zoom meeting to discuss.


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