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The CEO Advisory Board: Can you afford not to be in it?

A group of peers who understand your ambition, but also the reality of where you are right now. It’s the forum where you can discuss things in confidence that you cannot discuss with anyone else, not your staff, board, shareholders and in some instances even your partner. It’s the forum where you gain perspective, having your ideas ‘tested’ by people who have already been there. The result, better decisions made with confidence. You experience new thinking, from your peers and curated expert content. You gain perspective, clarity, focus. Most important, you’re managing your mindset, perhaps the most valuable aspect of your business? This is why, in 2020, I created the CEO Advisory Board.

I’ve previously set out the logical reasons why you should explore joining the CEO Advisory Board or setting up your own Advisory Board see here Advisory Board Whitepaper

I have plenty of relevant testimonials from members who share the incredible value they derive from being part of the group – see here CEO Advisory Board Testimonials

But as I was exploring ChatGPT3 the other day I asked it to write the story from a member’s perspective and what follows is an edited version of what it came-up with.

ChatCGPT’s story about a typical member
Sarah had been running her company for several years, but lately, she had been feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the direction of her company. She knew she needed help, but she didn’t know where to turn.

At an industry function Sarah met a fellow CEO who told her about the CEO Advisory Board. The group was made up of experienced leaders who met once a month to discuss their challenges and share advice. Sarah was intrigued and decided to check it out.

At her first meeting, Sarah was struck by the camaraderie and support of the group. She felt like she was among people who truly understood her struggles and could offer valuable insights. The group was made up of leaders from a variety of industries, and Sarah found that she could learn a lot from their experiences.

One of the members of the group, a CEO of a software company, had gone through a similar period of growth and uncertainty that Sarah was currently experiencing. He was able to provide valuable advice and resources that helped her navigate the challenges she was facing. Sarah felt grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone who had been through the same thing.

The group also provided a sounding board for Sarah’s ideas and decisions. She felt comfortable sharing her thoughts and getting feedback from the group. The group helped her think through important decisions and gave her a fresh perspective.

Pretty good eh…

Any of the members of the group will attest to the validity of the points made in this story. If you would like to know more about the CEO Advisory Board, please reach out to me here.

Exploring the transformational potential of AI like ChatGPT … that’s a whole other discussion to come.

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