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8 July 2020

Brent Hodgson

Marketing Strategist, Author and Speaker

Leading take-outs from webinar

Another great Leading Conversations webinar with Marketing Strategist Brent Hodgson an expert in ensuring effective ROI on your marketing spend.

Note: *Apologies due to a tech glitch (challenge of the digital world) only the view of me is recorded which is a shame ‘cos Brent is a good looking guy as you can see from his picture – fortunately you can still hear his insights

Key highlights from Brents presentation:

  • We have been thrust forward 10 years(?) into the digital marketing world.
  • Consumers (whether B2C or B2B) are now far more accepting of digital interaction.
  • The advantage of digital is the ability to zero and ‘hyper-target’ your audience with your message.
  • To ‘cut-through’ your messages have to be ‘personally’ targeted at solving the specific problems of your customers.
  • Use the data from your digital interactions to gather insights that enable you to test, measure and improve targeting or messaging.
  • Today there are many tools to assist with data management..
  • Look for the small tweaks to your marketing then test and measure.

Please engage with Brent via LinkedIn or his website.

Brent is a Marketing and Sales Technology Strategist from Melbourne, Australia.

As a Marketing Strategist, Brent is obsessed with improving revenue with technology.

“I love to see sales happen faster, in greater volumes, and at greater values. And I see technology as providing the tools to build sales demand, and enhance sales capacities

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