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23 September 2020

Mark McCrindle

Principal of McCrindle

Leading take-outs from webinar

Mark shared key themes from his most recent social research including the impact of population growth, the implications for the economy transport, the regions, office space demand and of course the most important being that now Gen, Y, Z and now Alpha are the largest section of Australia’s population and they we’re all born digitial.

Our poll of attendees to the webinar showed the following interesting results.

  • 70% of attendees had been negatively impacted by Covid and a majority had to adjust product or pricing as a result
  • BUT 67% were either feeling positive or neutral about the next 15 months.
  • Finally 90% (which matches McCrindles research) will be incorporated Working from Home into their employment policies.

For McCrindle’s latest research on the new consumer see here


Mark is a recognised thought-leader in tracking emerging trends influencing society.

As Principal of McCrindle, a renown demographer and futurist, he has developed his reputation across two decades as an award-winning social researcher, best-selling author and social commentator. Mark has appeared across all major television networks, radio and print media, and has twice been invited to speak at TEDx events. He has presented thousands of keynotes and workshops in all major industries including, finance, technology, health, mining, energy and education for Australia’s top brands and organisations.

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