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In 2021 – Protect, Grow or Be Radical

The only certainty in FY2021 will be continued uncertainty. In this context and given that your customers now have more problems that need solving are your strategies for 2021 designed to protect what you have, incrementally grow, or radically lead the market?

Opportunity and disruption abound in equal measure, my invitation to you is to embrace the uncertainty and take the opportunity to re-think and re-imagine your business, its purpose, potential and how you reach your market.

Upcoming Opportunities to extend your thinking

Each of the following opportunities can be a catalyst to extend your thinking:

    1. Re-Thinking Purpose
      At the core of your strategy stands purpose and if there was ever a time for you and your customers to be clear of your purpose…? The Sydney based Ethics Centre has recently introduced an excellent guide to help you re-think or re-ignite your purpose. See here for details
    2. Re-Imagine Your Business Workshop – half day – August 5th
      Even though you’ve set your budget for FY21 – how confident are you it can be achieved? Take time out to Re-Imagine what could be… See here for details and registration
    3. Leading Conversations with Brent Hodgson
      Join Brent and I in discussion as we explore ROI and how your marketing strategies needs to adjust to the current climate ensuring the right messages engage with the right audience to take action. View webcast
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