Is your strategy clear?
Having a clear business strategy acts as guide for your team, your customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community within which you operate about how your business will positively impact them.   Find out more >

Your Business Model articulates how your business is structured to deliver on your strategy. Which customers you will service, how, with what resources and how you price your goods and services. 
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Lead Your Industry has been advising our company for several months and the change that they are facilitating is showing benefits already. Their incisive view on running a business is for me the most important attribute that they have contributed to the process.
Brett Heil
Managing Director - Digital Pulse

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The ‘right’ business strategy can transform your business...

Anthony Moss 02-Jun-2013 0 Comments

Business owners know that markets – trends-business conditions are changing all the time. Change can mean the development of new opportunities like new marketing platforms that enable one to one communication with customers and prospects (i.e. Social Media) - or change can be in the form threatening challenges i.e. new well resourced competitors; new substitutes for our products and services; a strong dollar bringing international pricing competition. We tend to me more conscious of the potential challenges (threats) to our business than we are of the opportunities.

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