Is your strategy clear? Having a clear business strategy acts as guide for your team, your customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community within which you operate about how your business will positively impact them.

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Your Business Model articulates how your business is structured to deliver on your strategy. Which customers you will service, how, with what resources and how you price your goods and services.

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How we work, what we achieve:

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I have known Anthony for around a year now and he has provided valuable direction and helped align my business objectives to a 3 year strategic plan. Anthony is always on the ball and keeps our Management team on track through regular meetings and bite size tasks. It’s been a pleasure to have Anthony as part of our team and I would recommend his services to anybody looking to grow their business by following a plan
Damian Higgins
Managing Director – CustomTec

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Advisory Boards - Adressing the Unknown Unknowns

Anthony Moss 30-Sep-2016 0 Comments

CEOs and owners of high-growth private businesses are limited by their resources, knowledge, imagination and capability to execute. We know what we know – we also have some sense of what we don’t know. The real challenge is we don’t know what we don’t know, or as Donald Rumsfeld articulated, there are “unknown unknowns.”

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