Leading Business Transformation

As the CEO, Director, of your organisation you know your that customers’ perception of value and good service is changing.

You’re managing the internal pressures well, ensuring you have the right people on the bus, allocating resources, building capability etc. However it’s the external factors, like the changing market dynamics, the competitive and regulatory landscape, coupled with the changing customer tastes that has you questioning, do we have the right approach?

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Advisory Board

Conquer the Mountain

The ‘Conquer the Mountain’ sign at the Mount Panorama racetrack was a fitting metaphor for the retreat in Bathurst last week for the CEO Peer to Peer Advisory Group that… read more

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The ‘Right Strategy’

There is a “Right Strategy” for your organisation – one that melds your aspiration with your risk appetite and resources.

Right Implementation Plan

Without an implementation plan a strategy is a sophisticated ‘wish.’ Not only allocating resources to the new strategic initiatives, the implementation plan has to address how the tension between Business as Usual and new initiatives will be managed.

Right Accountability Framework – Advisory Board

For private companies an ideal accountability framework is the appointment of an Advisory Board. The right accountability framework providing a mix of support and independent, objective perspective for the CEO, Directors and Leadership Team that amplifies your organisations capability.

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Upcoming Events / Workshops

24 Nov 2020

The CEO Game Changer: How an Advisory Board can unleash the potential of your business.

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10 Feb 2021

Advisory Board Workshop

The CEO Game Changer – Appoint your Advisory Board in 2021

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